Repricing on Amazon – that’s how it’s done!

Due to the increasing competition in online trading, "survival" and high sales for online shop owners is becoming more and more difficult. A central component in this area is the right pricing. On the one hand, the estimated prices should be high enough to make a profit, on the other hand they should ideally be able to keep up with the competition or undercut it. Especially on the world's most famous online marketplaces, ebay and amazon, it is becoming increasingly important for ones online shop to be represented with optimal prices.

Maximum revenue and profit through repricing

If you are unsure about pricing, then you are like many other online shop operators. In theory, determining the optimal price is not that difficult: The goal is to always determine the price that provides the highest possible profit, whether through increased sales or a higher margin.

Patagona Repricing für Amazon-Shops

Find time again for the essentials - leave the repricing to us

By systematically recording the competitive situation, you can find out which of your articles still has potential and where an increase or decrease in prices will ultimately lead to a higher profit for you.

Especially on Amazon it is noticeable that the turnover increases dramatically with decreasing prices. Here it is important to determine the price that is most profitable for you in the end.

This procedure is commonly referred to as repricing or dynamic pricing.

Automation with a repricing software

If you adjust the prices of your amazon shop manually, you are consciously or unconsciously following a certain strategy. This process can be automated by using a repricing software such as the Pricemonitor.

With a reliable repricing tool like the Pricemonitor, you don't have to worry that prices will continue to fall. On the contrary, the Pricemonitor identifies items in your assortment that are offered too cheaply and suggests a price increase accordingly.

And these are the advantages the Pricemonitor offers you:


Pricemonitor Überwachungsfrequenz

Faster than the competitors

The Pricemonitor automatically reacts to market changes within minutes and automatically adjusts the price in your amazon shop if desired.

Repricing ohne Urlaub oder Pausen

No breaks and no holidays

The Pricemonitor doesn't take breaks and doesn't go on holiday either: your prices are also reliably adjusted at night and on weekends.

Automatische Preiserfassung - Marktüberblick

Buy Box Optimization

Whoever enters the buy box at amazon and thus receives the majority of orders does not depend solely on the lowest price: the shop ratings play a role here, as does the question of whether Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) is offered. The Pricemonitor can include these factors in the price calculation in order to determine the maximum price at which you can seize the amazon buy box.

Repricing Schnittstellen zu Shopsysteme ERP und Warenwirtschaftssystemen

Connection to your system

Unlike other amazon repricers, the Pricemonitor can be connected directly to your system (shop system, merchandise management system or ERP system): Whether Shopware, Magento or Plentymarkets (to name just a few) - the Pricemonitor allows you to adjust prices directly in your price-leading system. This avoids the chaos that can occur when prices are only updated on amazon.

Test now for free and non-binding

With the Pricemonitor, all prices for your articles on online marketplaces such as Ebay or Amazon are automatically recorded and compared with yours. The tool then uses this information to determine the optimal price. The Pricemonitor has a web interface that is easy to understand, even for beginners, resulting in a transparent market overview.

Test the Pricemonitor today!

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